Website Name

Welcome is a personal project that develops whenever free time and inspiration coincide. A fresh design would be nice, but is far from imminent.

There is no hidden meaning behind the name Pennyjelly. I had to call the website something. A few rowdy names came to mind, like "Scandalious", which means a delicious scandal or 2bigpeaches, which means..........well, TWO big peaches..... .

I get a lot of inquiries about the definition of Pennyjelly. It really is just a light-hearted nickname, but if you insist on a definition, here goes:

Pennyjelly could mean frequent deep and shallow spells of commiseration/anti-miseration followed by the re-enactment of the sheer joy and graceful purity of freedom and adolescence, like summer days when we took cat naps in our bathing suits, bubbleyum caught in our hair, which was still matted down from sand and sea water?


Maybe it means......... witty and bookish, somewhat haphazard, yet easy-going conundrums mixed with multi-faceted in/ex-trovert turns in character and well-versed in the subjects of root beer floats, LA freeways/spots, modern poetry, french-kissing and coffee (fresh grind an infinite plus to the infinite power)?.


The name Pennyjelly could lend itself to the verbose, voyeuristic, punctual, ambidextrous (*grins slowly*), scandalious, independent, non-cliquey, sometimes argumentative, respectful, congenial and appreciative side in all of us.

Will the real Pennyjelly please stand up?

Ok, all kidding aside, I moved and had to find a home for my two year old Mini-Schnauzer named "JELLY".........He now lives in Las Vegas, has a girl Schnauzer for a best friend and his own backyard. I missed him so much that I named this website after him.

Uuuummmm, where was I ????....Oh yea, what's your name?